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Congratulations to everyone in Shark class. Mrs Copestake, Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Harrington have been very impressed with how quickly everyone has settled into the new class. They have been busy learning their topic group, reading group and lots of new words on the timetable such as Harbour Time and Maths Marines. Keep up the great work!






















We are always on the 'hunt' and ready to 'attack' new learning.  


Summer Term 2

Our topic this half term is callled 'Lights, Camera, Action!'


Coming Soon!

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Summer Term 1

Our topic this half term is called 'The Door'.

Image result for ornate doors

I wonder what is behind the door? Would you go through the door?


WOW! What an amazing Heroes Day we had. We had a look inside a Police Van, had a go on a Police Bike, pretended to be an Army Nurse and had a go in the Hampshire Search and Rescue Van. We had so much fun!

Heroes2S1 Heroes2S2


Heroes2S4 Heroes2S5


We had an amazing day at Manor Farm! We went to school with the very strict Miss Stubbs, learnt about rationing with Gwen, helped Aunty Bee cook some soup and learnt about pig club with Farmer Chris. After lunch we made a rag rug, cleaned the house, milled some wheat and practised fleece carding. 

Farm2S1 Farm2S2

Farm2S3 Farm2S4

Why don't you come in and look at our TripAdvisor reviews that are on the wall in the classroom! We gave the trip 5 stars! We highly recommend Year Two's to go back next year!



Spring Term 2

Our topic this half term is called 'Flaming Fire'


Image result for clipart flames

Click on the flame to play The Great Fire of London game. 


We burnt our tudor houses. We were amazed how quickly the fire spread through the houses. The strong wind blew. After that, we wrote our breaking news stories in a newspaper.

Fire2S2 Fire2S1


The Easter Bunny came to school! He was very impressed with our bonnets and colouring. He awarded a boy and girl for thier bonnets and a boy and girl for thier colouring. We had an    egg-tastic day!



We went to the church.


We sang some songs, listened to the Easter story and some prayers.


In Art, we created abstract textured houses. We carefully looked at pictures of tudor houses. Then we drew our very own version. Afterwards, we used textured wall paper and filled in the walls, windows, doors and the background. Finally, we painted our houses using very bright colours.



Perform, a drama company, came in and told us about the real story of The Great Fire of London. We met lots of famous people including Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and King Charles. We learnt that a mysterious statue survived the fire in St Paul's Cathedral. We then used our bodies to create a row of houses that caught fire!



Red Nose Day

RedNoseDay2S1 RedNoseDay2S2


I wonder...will more water travel further?

We carefully different measures of water and squirted it as far as we could. We tested it fairly. We measured water then measured how far it travelled. We worked out that more water travels very far! We were amazed!



A mysterious bag was dug up by Mr Swift. As a class we talked about who the bag could belong to. We then opened the bag and found different things. Inside was a quill, ink, a cravat, cheese and wine. We guessed that Samuel Pepys must have buried this bag. We found it funny that people buried thier most important things to save it from burning.

Afterwards, we enjoyed Samuel Pepys' cheese and wine! We loved it so much, we wanted more!

cheeseandwine1 cheeseandwine2

The wine tasted much like blackcurrant strange!!


We have had an amazing 'Book Week' at school. We made and sold our very own books. We shared our fantastic Krypto stories during Family Reading. Also, we dressed up for World Book Day. Look how brilliant we look!

WorldBookDay12S WorldBookDay22SWorldBookDay32S

WorldBookDay42S WorldBookDay52S



Spring Term 1

Our topic this half term is called 'Go Wild'.

Image result for pets

We wrote our own questions about animals that we would like to find out. We are so excited about our new topic!  


We have loved having our pets come into school this week! A big thank you to the grown ups and pets! We have written some fantastic leaflets about caring for a dog.

 2SPetsWA 2SPetsAH


We have been introduced to four new characters to help us be successful Crew Members.

They are: 

Caring Carla

Resilient Rosa

Enthusiastic Eddie

Wondering Walter


Each member of the Crew in Sharks Class are fantastic and uniquely special.

Which CREW character is going to be proud of you next?



If you help a friend, Caring Carla is proud of you. Resilient Rosa is pleased you kept going with a tricky challenge. Showing that you are thoroughly enjoying something, Enthusiastic Eddie gives you a high 5! Wondering Walter is excited that you thought about something in a different way.



We've started 'Crew-a-cise' (a play on words of 'exercise!) 'Crew-a-cise' happens mid-morning outside on the playground and involves all of the Year Two children.



So far we have played follow the leader, jogged, skipped, hopped and ran laps around the playground. We hope to get fitter and healthier so we can walk, jog or run more laps of the playground. We have thoroughly loved our mid-morning exercise so far!




Autumn Term 2

We have been busy making gingerbread men and women, to complete our 'Gingerbread Man' topic. Working with Mr Swift we carefully measured and mixed the ingredients. We even used our hands and got very sticky! We then rolled out the dough and used cutters to make the gingerbread men and women start to 'come alive'.  


However, some of the 'doughy' shapes got knocked on the way to the oven. But, once they were cooked, some gingerbread men and women were holding some funky positions, some even looked like they were dancing! 



Once they were cooled, we got to decorate them and gave them names! Hopefully, our gingerbread men and women won't run away from us!

2SGMBMaking3 2SGMBMaking4 2SGMBMaking5


WOW! Sharks Class were absolutely fantastic throughout our Christmas Performances of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. Bravo Sharks! 

Image result for twas the night before christmas



In R.E. to celebrate Advent we made fantastic Christingles. We could explain that Christingles are made up of different parts, each one being there to remind us of something different.



The orange represents the world. The candle reminds Christians of Jesus, who they believe to be the light of the world. The red ribbon goes all around the 'world' and being the colour of blood, reminds Christains that Jesus died. The four sticks represent each season in the year and the four compass directions. The fruit at the top of each stick reminds Christains of God's gifts to the world, including kindness and love. 


2SChristingle1 2SChristingle2


We have been learning about The Gingerbread Man. We used actions to retell the story and created our own story maps. Sharks thought Mr Swift's animals in his story map looked funny... especially the sausage dog!



For Children In Need, we raised lots of money by dressing up and buying cakes. Look how fantastic we look!



We have been learning about Edith Cavell. She was a nurse during World War One. Click on the picture to watch the video about Edith Cavell's life.

Can you remember why she is still remembered today?


Our topic this half term is called 'World War One'

Image result for poppy

Why do people wear poppies?


Mrs Master-Coles came into our class to tell us about Diwali.


We listened to a story about Rama and Sita. Carefully, we passed around diva lamps, cards and rangoli patterns. Colin the Cultural Crab was very proud of us.



Autumn Term 1

Our topic this half term is called 'Ahoy There'.

Image result for pirate clipart 


We had an amazing Pirate Party. We all looked fantastic in our costumes. Throughout the day we played 'pirate apple bobbing', made 'Pirate Sandwiches', 'walked the plank' and 'climbed the rigging' using the P.E. equipment.

2S Pirate Party 1 2S Pirate Party 2

2S Pirate Party 3 2S Pirate Party 42S Pirate Party 5 2S Pirate Party 72S Pirate Party 82S Pirate Party 9


In Design and Technology we explored and used a mechanism to make a picture move. First, we made a long slit in the middle of a piece of card. Then we attached a picture onto a long strip of card and fed it through the hole. Some of us added split pins and even more items. We enjoyed playing with our moving pictures and even told a story about them to our friends. Mrs Weavers came to visit and she was impressed with our focus, creativity and resilience.

Moving Pic 2S 1 Moving Pic 2S 3


Crew Challenges

In Sharks this is what our weekly Crew Challenges looks like.

Crew Challenges 2S

Whilst on our independent learning time, also known as Crew Challenges, we must complete the 6 jobs before Friday lunchtime. Once we have completed a job, we move our sticks along the numbered pots.


The Golden Pot

Once all 6 Crew Challenges are completed, we can choose any of the 6 jobs to do again, in our own creative way. Can you get into 'The Golden Pot'? If you do, you are celebrated infront of the class and awarded a very special prize.

Golden Pot 2S



In SPaG we have been learning about vowels and consonants. They are two groups of letters in the alphabet. Vowels are A E I O U and consonants are all the other letters in the alphabet. Remembering vowels will help with rule endings.


We had a very special visitor come into school today. His name was Brian and he was from the RNLI. He told us how to stay safe in the sea. Click on the RNLI logo to play a game.

Image result for RNLI

Which coloured flags must you swim inbetween?

What is the signal to get help?  

How do you remember the phone number 112?


The team from Lloyds Bank visited us and told us a story about Billy and his crocodile. We learnt about saving our pocket money in a safe place. Click on the picture below to read the story.

Image result for lloyds tsb billy and the crocodile


In Geography, we have been learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. Click on the maps below and sing along to the songs, to help you remember.

Image result Image result


This week we shared our 'Story Shoe Boxes'. We had great fun guessing 'what's in the box?'.

Have a go and try and guess what these stories are.

SharkStoryBox1 SharkStoryBox2SharkStoryBox3 SharkStoryBox4SharkStoryBox5 SharkStoryBox6


We have been learning about how to stay safe online.

Click on the images below to read and watch the stories.

 thumbnail4             Lee and Kim 


Our first week has been very busy getting to know each other. We have been learning about our class rountines, remembering the Sarisbury Charter and suggesting important ideas for our class charter. We have written about what we did in the holidays and practised number bonds to 10 and 20. 


This is our classroom

Sharks1617 1

Sharks 1617 2


We show pride in the work that we do here, respect each others' choices and work well as a team.

Our aim is to keep each other sailing on board the Sarisbury Challenger at all times. 'Flying High' Crew Members 'look ahead' and take extra responsibility by showing others how they can reach and 'Fly High' too. Every Crew Member helps and supports anyone, who has fallen onto the 'Life Ring', to get them back 'onboard'.