Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2017-18


              Sharks Class are ready to 'hunt' learning with Mrs Copestake, Mrs Hawksworth, Mrs Harrington & Mrs Clemo

       Whales Class are ready to 'swim about' with Miss Webb, Mrs Pyrke & Mrs Rixon

Dolphins Class are ready to 'jump and dive' with Mrs Bennetts, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Nesbitt


Year 2 Presentation



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In Year 2, we have lots of fun learning and challenging ourselves in everything! Sometimes we might work with an adult to develop our skills and deepen our learning through independent 'Crew Challenges. Each week we have six challenges to complete. We find these great fun! Being part of the Year 2 CREW has great responsibility. We can show our skills of following the Sarisbury Charter, to stay onboard the challenger. We support other CREW members by gently reminding them the skills. We aim to 'fly high', to 'look ahead' and support others.


Year 2 SATs Information Meeting PowerPoint (April 2017) 

 Spag Presentation (October 2016)

Year 2 Spellings (October 2016)

Year 2 Parents' Information Meeting PowerPoint (September 2016) 


Through the Door

Our topic this half term is 'Through the Door' where we will be exporing the fantasy world of Narnia and World War 2. Our trip to Manor Farm will be helping us to learn about what life was like for Evacuees and times of war. We will be thinking about writing using different settings and using our imaginations.  We will be contrasting life in the country with life in the city and considering places in our locality.  We are exploring the Creation Story from the point of view of Hindus and Christians.  In PE we are beginning Athletics, including running, throwing and catching skills, working towards our annual Sport's Day. In Art, we are making colour wheels, as well as looking at the work of  the artist Paul Klee. In Science we are planting seeds and bulbs and predicting which will grow.  We are thinking about the best conditions for plants to flourish.  In Maths we are continuing with using all four operations and developing our problems solving skills.  In ICT we are using Publisher to create documents that we can edit, save and print. 

What an exciting half term we have ahead!






Science Demo Day

Mrs Copestake showed us some amazing experiments. She taught us how to make a lava lamp using water, oil, food colouring and special tummy tablets. We were amazed when the gas bubbles started to rise to the top.


Mrs Copestake showed us some experiments using dry ice. Once added to hot water, it creted clouds of water vapour. It was so exciting.


The Great Fire of London

We hope you had a relaxing half term break. Our topic until Easter is about The Great Fire of London.

What started the fire?

Who was the key eyewitness?

Why did they bury underground?

Who was the king?

We are going back in time this half term-the year is 1666.  We are pretending to be Tom Farriner and Samuel Pepys.  We are using our historian skills to find out about the past.  We are writing diaries and newspaper articles. We are finding out about the UK and London in particular. We are thinking about landmarks as well as human and physical features. 

We are continuing to be scientists and even have a Science Week on the week beginning 13th March.  We are also looking at materials and their properties.  In Art we are looking at the work of Van Gogh and learning how to make textured flames.  The children will be creating houses using different materials aswell as designing their own tudor houses.  In PE we are learning routines in Gymnastics and some children will attend festivals for Bench ball and Gym to represent the school.

In Maths, we are learning about Measures, including capacity, number and statistics along with furthering our skills with the four main operations and fractions.  In RE we are learning the Easter Story.


Watch out for 'The Great Sarisbury Fire'

I wonder if our Tudor houses will survive??!!!




PETS 'Go Wild'


Welcome Back!   Happy New Year to all our Year 2 families.  This term we will be having a 'wild' time learning all about animals animals and especially thinking about 'Pets'

We are already starting to formulate some very persuasive letters to you hoping that the children will be able to bring some of their pets into school to share with the other children.  They have been thinking about reasons why this is a good idea! letters to follow soon!  We will be writing information fact-files and using our creative writing skills to write about a super dog!

In Science, we will be exploring animal life cycles and food chains as well as thinking about how exercise affects our bodies.

Our Maths work has started with Multiplication and Division and re-visiting addition, subtraction, shape, counting and partitioning.

Jamie King will be continuing to support us in Multi-skills, whilst in class-based lessons we will be focusing on Gymnastics before moving onto learning how to play 'Benchball' in team games.  Some children will be lucky enough to represent us when we take a team to Fareham College for a Benchball Competition.

The children will be designing and making a clay pet, after learning about skills such as, squishing, rolling , indenting and joining the clay.

We look forward to welcoming you to our class assemblies too!





World War 1


This half term we are imagining what it would have been like to have been alive during World War 1.  We have plotted ourselves on timelines and thought about what happened in the past.  We have explored the war trenches and written diary entries as if we were a soldier.  We have learnt about famous figures,such as, Edith Cavell.  We have explored how life was different in 1914-18 and compared it to life today.  We have thought about whether plants would grow in the trenches as part of our Science work and explored light, candles, poppies and other symbols of rememberence.

In Maths we have been working hard on time, length and money.  We are continuing to develop our skills in number including fractions.  We willl be moving onto mass when thinking about what parcels Santa can fit on his sleigh!

After enjoying the World War 1 cooking, this week, we are now moving onto the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'.  We are going to adapt this traditional tale and invent a whole new ending!

We have been lucky enough to have Jamie King coaching us in PE.  He is helping the children improve their agility, strength and co-ordination. We are also learning to create twisting,turning and spinning routines in gymnastics.

Watch out for more information about our Christmas play- 'The Night Before Christmas' soon!



This half term we will be sailing across the seven seas to explore the seven continents of the world. Are you ready to set sail?  


In English, we will be writing messages in a Bottle, Instructions to find Pirate Paul, persuasive letters and invitations.  We will also be learning poems and sea shanties, which will work alongside our music work. In Maths, we will be using number skills to partition and understand place value.   We will be working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Science, we will be asking questions about animals, plants and materials. We will be sorting and investigating materials and looking at how trees change through the seasons. In Geography we will be looking at points on a compass, maps and keys as well as naming the continents. In History we will be looking at famous sea travellers including Christopher Columbus and Ben Ainslie. In RE we will be exporing the festival of Harvest. In Art and Design we will be painting seascapes, making rock pools and making sandwiches. In PE we will be moving like a pirate or mermaid in Dance and using the Bupa start to move programmes.

It will be a busy half term!


In Year 2 we have lots of different places to learn and play. We use all these areas to complete our Crew Challenges!

y2artarea y2comstation
Art Area Communication Station
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       Courtyard        Computing Area
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Small World Area Role Play Area