Year 1 Home Learning

Home Learning

Due in Tuesday   21st November 2017

Ready for our Maths learning next week, we would like you to measure   different items using your hand. Can you find out how many hands long things   are? For example my bed is 15 hands long.    

Which of your lengths is the shortest / longest?

Your child has been told what part they are in our Christmas Play.   Please keep an eye out for costume requests and lines / songs to learn in   their book bags.

Many thanks

Year 1 Team

Monster   Phonics

How many   words can you find that have

ay, ou,   ie, ea

ay –   play, day

ou – out,   ouch

ie – pie,   tie

ea –   seat, bead

Don’t   forget to add the sound buttons!


Week 1 of   3

Please   practise these spellings by writing them and playing games e.g. snap or   bingo.








Practise   the zig zag monster letters that we have learnt. Remember to start at the top   of each letter.

z v   w x



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