Year 1 Home Learning

Home Learning

Due in Tuesday 19th September 2017


Welcome to Year 1. We hope you had a lovely summer and enjoyed the sunshine. The children have come back to school brilliantly and we are very impressed with how hard they are working. Home Learning is set weekly. We will send it out on a Thursday and would like it returned on a Tuesday.



Every three weeks we will be focusing on 6 spellings that we are hoping the children will become secure in. It would be wonderful if you could practise these spellings with your child. There will be no weekly test but an informal check will be made to ensure children are accurately applying their spelling skills.



We will also be making you aware of the sounds your child has been learning, so you can help them learn these at home and spot them in their environment.



The reading challenge will be starting again very soon. Have fun reading and don’t forget to sign off your card. Attached inside the front cover of the home learning book is your child’s new log on username and password for Bug Club. This can be accessed from


This week for your home learning we would like you to bring in a photo of you reading / sharing your favourite book. We will share these in class and display them in our book corners.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Year 1 Team.

Many Thanks, Year 1 Team


Monster Phonics

How many words can you find that start with j, v, w?

j – jam

v – van

w – will

x – box


Don’t forget to add the sound buttons.

b o x


Week 1 of 3

Please practise these spellings by writing them and playing games e.g. snap or bingo.









Practise the long ladder letters that we have learnt. Remember to start at the top of each letter.

l, i, t, u, j, y



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