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'Stay and Play' Writing Session 14.3.17

A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended this Stay and Play session. It was amazing to see SO many of you there enjoying engaging with activities with your children! Thank you for the evaluations we have received back so far too, they've been lovely to read. We asked the children what they enjoyed about it and some of the responses were....

"Spending time with our grown ups and telling them about school."

"Doing all the activities with Mummy.'

"Telling our grown ups what to do!"

"Playing with Grandpa"

For anyone who was unable to attend, the Powerpoint we used as a background for the session is available below. Due to the success of this session we will aim to do another 'Stay and Play' in the Summer term and keep you posted with a date.  

SP 1 SP 2

 SP 4

 Stay and Play PowerPoint





Thank you to all of you who came to our workshops yesterday. Please find the link below for the Powerpoint that we used. If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.


Year R presentation to parents 






In Year R we have 3 classes - Angelfish Class; Jellyfish Class; Starfish Class

We love to learn through play and have lots of fun learning all year. Look on our class pages for regular learning updates!


Early Years 1


IMG 3251

Our uniforms may get dirty but they show we've been learning!



Early Years 2 




Our Vision for Year R

In Year R we aim to create a welcoming, stimulating environment, which can buzz with excitement and is where we can grow and learn together, building firm foundations for lifelong learning.

We work together in partnership with staff, children and parents to form excellent relationships and meet the needs and potential of each and every child.

We provide a safe place where everyone feels secure, valued and respected.

Our children learn through play, through child-initiated opportunities, which engage and inspire and allow our children to be happy, independent and reflective learners. Children learn in a fun way so that they develop a real love for learning, ensuring they are caring, resilient, enthusiastic and wondering learners!




You may like to look at this booklet which will help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage. There are also some websites at the back of the booklet you may find helpful.



Thank you

Year R Team